Photo Illustration Work

Original Scan of Jonathan's Photo
Photo manipulated for inclusion in poster

Photo composite and manipulation for poster (note 'tear' and distress).

While painting and drawing are very important to me as an artist, I also enjoy working digitally. A lot of the work I do for clients. Some I do for me. The above photos show how vacation photos can take on a whole new life and meaning with a little imagination and technology.

A few years ago my twin sons took a trip to Amsterdam and Germany with their very good friend. Their adventure included a visit to the uncle of the friend and that European experience which the youth of America have sought for centuries.

One of my sons took a 35mm film camera along. They all had their digital cameras as well, but like their mother, they enjoy photography. Jonathan wanted to capture his version on film. He managed to take about 25 rolls of it. They returned home happy, tired, and, of course broke. The film sat in the camera bag until early Autumn. It was along about the time I begin my annual "Christmas/Chanukah (yes we celebrate both)Whaddya need/want/desire shpiel" that he thought about it. Since our children are now adults, the gifts are less in number and we focus on our being together more than gifts, but we still want to exchange some tokens of love and appreciation during the holidays. Jonathan asked if we would have his film developed. Indeed.

I bought a really nice leather album to place the photos. But I could not just leave it there. As I looked at the photos he had taken I saw Old World. I saw atmosphere, setting, adventure, dark alleys, intrigue, mystery. I have not been to Europe so my imagination as to what was around the corner ran wild. My son also likes Bram Stoker's "Dracula". So do I - and this is what fed my imagination.

I 'aged' the photos to add to the mysterious tone and to the suggestion of time passage. I used other articles, scans, objects, and drawings to put together a "Jonathan Harker's Journal". Now his European adventure looked like a REAL (or really scary) adventure.

I have several clients whom I have done digital works for in a similar fashion. While I adore working traditionally I equally enjoy creating with the computer. As I tell my students - "the computer is just another tool in your creative arsenal. It takes YOU and your imagination to make it all happen."

Be Well, Be Creative, Be Happy


craigr said...

Nice job on the composite image. I like the point-of-view and aging effects. Would love to see you do a step-by-step tutorial on how you did this. . .for my students.

Susan said...

Love it! Makes me dream of being there and going there. And I too would love to see a tutorial on this, please!