Magenta Speckled Shamrocks?

Discovered these in my front lawn. Anyone know what they are? I haven't looked them up in any of my gardening/weed books. I think they are beautiful!


A Trillium?

Another find in my yard. I believe this is a trillium. I found a few species online that sort of look like this one, but nothing definitive yet. I have someone looking at it for me to determine yay or nay. The morel was identified as a Yellow Morel. I would not let my husband mow the rest of the yard yesterday until I've combed it for more fabulous flora. He was not heartbroken over not mowing. Dad came over today to help and I had to give him detailed instructions on where he could mow.

These guys, bless them for helping, but they love to mow things down! Pretty or not. Weed or not. I transplanted an old growth hydrangea from an abandoned farmhouse (yes, I had permission) a couple of years ago. I have yet to see it bloom. Everyone goes out of their way to mow them down. I've tried wire cages. One of the boys moved it to mow thinking it had been misplaced from the veg garden.

Tomorrow rain is forecast. I won't be in the gardens or lawn, so it's back to painting, drawing and work! It is just too hard to stay indoors on these first beautiful days of Spring!


Morels in My Yard

Yesterday I discovered we have morel mushrooms growing in my yard. I am awaiting the answer on which type of morel these are. They were such an exciting find. More later.


Photo for a Rainy Day

Sometimes I get lucky. I shot this image as one of many for a poster I was working on for a theatre client. The production was - you guessed it - "Singing in the Rain". I once again roped one of my sons into modeling. We did this shoot in the backyard. The poster concept was a hit. The production never made it to stage (a long story), but this photo did get to enjoy some limelight.

One day my brother stopped by to visit. He was drinking a Jones Soda in the bottle He mentioned to me that the images on the bottles were sent in by consumers. Regular Joes. I grabbed it and sure'nuf I could upload my images for consideration. The best part is they are chosen by other consumers voting on them until they get into the top ten or so and then they are judged by the folks at Jones Soda. Only 1 percent of all entries make it to a bottle. Guess what? The above image made it. So for his fifteen minutes of fame my son was smiling his fabulous smile at the fine consumers of soda from store shelves across America. We found a few bottles locally. Disc Exchange seemed to have the most locally.

So get out there and photograph something. There are lots of contests to enter with photos. It is a great boost to your spirit to know you've captured something everyone enjoys.

Have a great art day!