Photo Illustration Work

Original Scan of Jonathan's Photo
Photo manipulated for inclusion in poster

Photo composite and manipulation for poster (note 'tear' and distress).

While painting and drawing are very important to me as an artist, I also enjoy working digitally. A lot of the work I do for clients. Some I do for me. The above photos show how vacation photos can take on a whole new life and meaning with a little imagination and technology.

A few years ago my twin sons took a trip to Amsterdam and Germany with their very good friend. Their adventure included a visit to the uncle of the friend and that European experience which the youth of America have sought for centuries.

One of my sons took a 35mm film camera along. They all had their digital cameras as well, but like their mother, they enjoy photography. Jonathan wanted to capture his version on film. He managed to take about 25 rolls of it. They returned home happy, tired, and, of course broke. The film sat in the camera bag until early Autumn. It was along about the time I begin my annual "Christmas/Chanukah (yes we celebrate both)Whaddya need/want/desire shpiel" that he thought about it. Since our children are now adults, the gifts are less in number and we focus on our being together more than gifts, but we still want to exchange some tokens of love and appreciation during the holidays. Jonathan asked if we would have his film developed. Indeed.

I bought a really nice leather album to place the photos. But I could not just leave it there. As I looked at the photos he had taken I saw Old World. I saw atmosphere, setting, adventure, dark alleys, intrigue, mystery. I have not been to Europe so my imagination as to what was around the corner ran wild. My son also likes Bram Stoker's "Dracula". So do I - and this is what fed my imagination.

I 'aged' the photos to add to the mysterious tone and to the suggestion of time passage. I used other articles, scans, objects, and drawings to put together a "Jonathan Harker's Journal". Now his European adventure looked like a REAL (or really scary) adventure.

I have several clients whom I have done digital works for in a similar fashion. While I adore working traditionally I equally enjoy creating with the computer. As I tell my students - "the computer is just another tool in your creative arsenal. It takes YOU and your imagination to make it all happen."

Be Well, Be Creative, Be Happy


Painting in Progress

A current painting I'm working on for my daughter-in-law and son. I still have quite a bit to do, but I wanted to share it in progress. This is a hastily snapped image. I will continue to post as I finish it. The painting is 18"x24" acrylic on canvas. The subject matter reflects both their Celtic heritage and elements of color and icon (trinity knot) from their wedding ephemera. The path leads to places unexplored just waiting for them to take it. I was relieved when they (especially my daughter-in-law) liked it. If they had not I was tempted to keep it here as a reminder of possibilities just around the bend.
More later.


Cluck, Cluck, Tweet!

If you are interested the latest stream of thought, check out the Twitter updates on the right. They will direct you to ideas, concepts, or technologies that I am discussing with colleagues and others.

The image left is one of my photo-illustrations. I took the photo of the hen at the Fair and the photo of my woods and put them together. She is so happy to 'twitter' about everything.

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Artists That I Admire: James Gurney

If you remember "Dinotopia" you know James Gurney's work. I've long admired his wonderfully rich paintings and illustrations. His great attention to detail and the formal elements of art are the magic that keeps us entranced.

He has been posting, on his blog Gurney's Journey , the process he uses as he works up a poster for the Utopiales Festival in Nantes, France. The links will take you to his blog site or check out my Reader shared items under the Cool Stuff banner on the right. If you haven't discovered him before, I hope you'll take the time to do so now.

BTW - If you have read National Geographic in the last few years, you have most likely seen Mr. Gurney's talented illustrations. Go ahead, read his blog. You're going to love it. Please come back here though. I may not be as talented or as prolific, but I'll keep trying.

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From Artists I Admire: Which Student are You?

Check out this post by Chuck Dillon. I love these. I teach high school graphic design and I recognize these students. When I was in art school I was a mixture of several of these. For those of you who know me, which ones do you think best describe me? Hope you enjoy these. Thanks Chuck for all the fun.
blog 30 x 30: Which Student are You?

Photos from D.C.


ISTE NECC and Washington DC

Overview of Vendor area during load in

Really cool house for sale across from the hotel
Back from ISTE NECC 2009. It was great. Lots of information to process. Attended talks and lectures, and the opening welcome was excellent. The Walter E. Washington Convention Center is HUGE! I spent a lot of time trying to locate specific booths, lecture rooms, etc. But it was fun and worth it. I met a lot of great teachers. There were also lots of opportunities to win yummy prizes like Flip cameras, iTouchs, iPhones, Netbooks and more. Sadly, no matter how many t-shirts I donned, or how many vendors scanned my nametag, I did not come home with those fabulous prizes.

PBS gave away some amazing totes filled with resources. Everyone had a gimmick. You either had to wear their giveaway t-shirts to be eligible, participate in a 'adventure passport' or be present to win. With all the options I heard a lot of teachers wishing to clone themselves.
Some of the lectures/presentations were canceled forcing us to quickly find something else of interest to attend and then find the room. Did I mention that the Convention Center is HUGE?

All in all it was a wonderful experience. I am still defragging. It will take me a while to go through my tote-full of goodies, notes and business cards. Glad I had my iPhone. The above photos were taken with it. Since I had to ride the subway and walk (alot) I did not want to be burdened by too many devices. My goody tote had to weigh 20 lbs that first day, so I was glad to have my trusty iPhone to snap a few pics for you.

Oh...and the pic of the house...that was across the street from my hotel. It is for sale. If I win the lottery, you can visit me there.

Happy 4th. Be safe! Be creative!