A Tea with a Princess

Good Morning!  Happy Mad Hatter's Tea Party! If you're just browsing you can find all types of interesting tea parties and stories over at A Fanciful Twist's post

I'm so sorry that I did not have time to create a most special tea party story for the blog. Not to seek sympathy, but I had to have knee surgery and it's slowed me down this summer. But I did have a dress-up tea party with my granddaughter yesterday. She has a new sister who will be joining us in the delicious fun fantasies in a year or so. Have a great day and I hope you enjoy this little princess.
Hello There!

Hmmm...what shall we do on this UnBirthDay?

I shall pour us a cup of UnTea. You will enjoy it, yes?

Oh! This cup of tea is just perfect and just the thing for a long "think".

A Princess looking for Alice and friends needs to watch out for the too-intense sunshine! 

A little velvet and fur adds a certain elegance to the day, don't you think?

It's so much fun to spend the day laughing and telling stories that may be written down, embellished, and told over and over again. Who knows! Maybe we'll see the White Rabbit and his friends.
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Let's Do This Party!

A Fanciful Twist

It's been a while since I've had the time to do creative little ditties like this wonderful Mad Hatter blog party.  It's time. Let's do this! See you there.


Running in Circles

A very interesting kindergarten in Kyoto. Can you imagine the lawsuits in America? Do you think we can ever get past our greed and fear of letting kids be kids. Small injuries are going to happen. We post images on FB and other social media that shows our playgrounds of the past with steel and concrete.  Most of us survived fairly unscathed and learned valuable lessons. We learned to help one another. We learned that our actions sometimes have consequences we don't like, so we make better decisions.

Along with entitlement, the generation that are teens today, give little thought to their actions. Why? Because it is always another person's fault or the fault of the city, school, etc. that caused the accident or the outcome.  Not theirs. They've never made a decision for their own safety or the safety of others. They've never been allowed to run around in circles unfettered by someone (who fears a lawsuit) yelling at them to stop.

Just a thought that came to me this morning and I had to make it. Enjoy Whovians. Enjoy.