New Edition of Jack the Healing Cat!

Recently, we decided to republish "Jack the Healing Cat" Jack will be available in both English and French versions. Currently, the English version is available from Celtic Cat Publishing or from Amazon. Look for the French version in a few weeks at the same websites. In the meantime, here are some teaser illustrations from the book.

I created the original illustrations traditionally in watercolor and colored pencil. I was never quite happy with the first printing. It wasn't the printer's problem. They just didn't have enough oomph. I didn't get to see a proof the first time we did this process and so, had to live with it. This time around I was also the layout designer and seized the opportunity to digitally enhance the illustrations in Adobe Photoshop. The colors are now richer, the text layout is more dynamic, and basically the book just flows better. At least we think so.

I hope you enjoy the new edition of "Jack the Healing Cat" It will make a wonderful gift for that special child (or adult) on your Holiday shopping lists. I enjoyed so very much creating this very special kitty known as "Jack"


I wish to fly free from what holds me back from creating, drawing, painting.
Magical Things - Photo/Art composite by Sandra Van Winkle


Halloween Wear !

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