Cool or What ?

I've been at it again. Using my poor sons as guinea pigs. I've been playing around with some tutorials to share with my design students. The picture above is supposed to be dark and movie like, but I didn't get to finish it. While working on this one my computer screamed, "No more, please! I'm full." I must do a full archive this weekend and clear out a lot of files.

I'm just grateful it is still working. You know what they say..."carpenter's houses, designer's computers"...well maybe they don't say that exactly, but you know what I mean. My computer has served me well. My oldest son and my husband built it for me a few years ago. I have filled it to the max and on top of that I'm getting failure warnings when I reboot. So I guess a new hard-drive is to be ordered.

What I would really like is a new SUPER computer built just for graphic design. I would also like one just for video purposes. have that kind of money coming in to have dedicated computers. Cause ya know - if you give a mouse a cookie... I'm gonna want a large studio built to house everything.

I just wanted to share a bit with you. I know, I know. Everyone is wanting to see more of my work, especially my paintings, and I would truly like to give you more, but... Teaching is keeping me really busy these days. I've just started college again. I'm going for my masters in curriculum. I think I may be nuts. We'll see.
(Hey! No wisecracks from those who know me well)

My publishing partner, Steve Roberts, and I are working on a couple of new projects. We have been occupied with our other careers
(read regular paychecks) and lives; neither of us knowing where to carve out time for another project, but a very good and longtime friend called me the other day with great news. She has written a novel and brought me the manuscript for consideration. I've had time to read a small portion of it and it looks very promising.

I will be redesigning "Christmas on Deery Street" and "While Shepherd's Watched" Since I designed the full cover for Deery I won't have to do that again. I will need to redesign the interiors of both books. The cover photo-illustration for "
Shepherds" is mine, but the rest was another publishing company's design. That book never sold as well. Hmmm....?

So busy I be. Life is good.
Be Happy! Be Creative!

Oh-BTW here's the original photo of the altered version above. Enjoy.