A Christmas Poster: SteamPunk/Vampire Style

In addition to traditional rendering, illustration and painting, I also work as a graphic designer. I love "painting" and creating new worlds within Photoshop and Illustrator. I am mostly self-trained in these programs although I did take quite a few design classes when I was getting my fine art degree, but the technology was changing so rapidly we were still learning manual layouts with amberlith and layers of tracing paper with printers marks. So I learned the computer programs on my own.

The poster above was created for my son as a lagnaippe at Christmas. He asked for his large amount of film from his trip to Amsterdam and Germany to be developed. That was his only wish for a present. So I took the trip photos and a photo of him from a previous shoot and incorporated them into a poster. He loved it.

I am a fan of SteamPunk and really like the feel I've achieved with the images and the creation of frames, books, etc. My son enjoys Bram Stoker's "Dracula" and since some of the text of Jonathan Harker's Journal was fitting with his trip to Germany and the photos he shot of castles, I used that as the poster theme.

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