Sarah and the Search for the Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Once upon a time, as Sarah was sniffing around in the forest, a small creature jumped upon a toadstool in front of Sarah. "Are you going to the Mad Hatter's Tea?" the creature asked.

But before Sarah could inquire about the tea...
...The silly creature disappeared through the hedge. "Well! I must find this tea!" said Sarah

And off she went, past the hedge and began to follow the trail into the forest.

Before long she came to a cottage. "Here love, eat this delicious lemon tart." said the kind lady who lived in there. "It will give you strength as you search for that Hatter and his band of clowns."
Sarah thanked the kind lady and went on her way again.

"Oooo! I shouldn't have eaten that tart! I'm beginning to feel strange. I must find that tea party!"

Suddenly she came upon a strange site!

"What in the world are you?" she asked the strange creature perched upon a most magnificient toadstool.

"Why, I'm the Smiley Cat, of course." the creature purred, but offered no help as to
where the Hatter might be holding the Tea Party.
"Maybe they are through here." Sarah thought and went off into the underbrush to seek the party.
"Hey! I hear somebody coming." Nan said to Billy.

"Wait a minute! Wait just a minute. Where do you think you're going?" Nan asked Sarah.

"I'm off to find the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Do you know where it is?"

"Nah! We don't know nuthin' about any stinkin' Tea party."

"Go on with ya!" and with that Nan dismissed Sarah.

So, Sarah set out again to find the party. She ran into a lot of strange
creatures and friends during her journey.

"Hmmm...Yes. Yes I think it was, no. Ah yes, it is, no, that's not it."

"Shucks, I don't know."

"Well, it is across the ravine, through the forest and into the desert. Wait. No. That's where I used to live. Sorry."

"I really can't say. I've been so busy getting this web finished. Not much time for tea parties and such. Sorry, wish I could help."

"Well, thanks anyway." Sarah told all the creatures and continued on her way. She thought it was getting too late. She feared that she would be very Late for the tea.

When suddenly she came upon a dark passage in the Laurel.

"Do you think this may be the way to the tea?" She quickly went through the opening into the darkness. The tunnel went on for a very long time. Sarah thought she would never get to the other side. "Oh, she thought, I'm never going to make it in time." And then...

...there was the Mad Hatter!
"Welcome, Miss Sarah." the Hatter said. "We have been waiting for you."
And together Sarah and the Mad Hatter walked through the beautiful gardens to...

...Tea! at last! Sarah was so happy that she had finally found the Mad Hatter and his wonderful Tea Party!
She just wished one thing....

That she didn't have to dress up for it!

May you all have marvelous adventures and lovely teas!
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