Templates, Time & Backgrounds to Share

Thought I would try out a new blog look. How I love playing around with technology. Of course all the 1001 other items on my list have been put on the back burner while I attempt to alter my CSS and html. I hope all of you on Spring Break are having a great time. I've had a busy interesting week so far. Still have a lot to do around here.

The new blog background image is a photo-illustration that I created from photos of my sons. I shared a similar image with you in a previous post. Over the years my sons were sweet to pose and dress up for their wacky momma. I love ya guys! Anyway, I may change it. I haven't decided yet whether I like it or not. And I may create an entire new blog. Who knows?

The image above (space scene) is one I made a couple of days ago. I made it for my desktop background and I have included a link to my Picasa album so you can download it for your desktop also. Just click on the image and it should take you there. It was created in Adobe Illustrator CS4. I love this program. It is so very versatile for creating a multitude of projects.

And I would love for you to check out my new FireFox Personas. If you use Mozilla as a browser, it is easy to add Personas to the header and footer of your browser. I have created about six, but they must be behind on the process of getting them listed. Keep checking back.

So much for today. I hope you are enjoying life and wildly creating! Be wickedly creative this week!