Magic & Anniversaries

Image composite I made last year from several of my photos and drawings

I hope everyone is having
(or has had) a wonderfully fun and magical Halloween. I should be writing a paper and grading student work, but I have taken the day to be with my hubby (it is our anniversary after all) and to just generally goof off. We didn't plan a huge costume party like we have in years past. I've been too busy to do all the planning, cleaning, and prepping it takes. So we're keeping it low key this year.

I just wanted to pop-in with my best Wishes for a Safe and Happy Halloween!

So from a Pyrate & his Bride...
May your Celebrations Be Magical!

Be Creative, Be Happy!

Illustration Friday: Fast

This is my contribution for Illustration Friday's "Fast" theme for this week.

Another Masquerade Ball!

How I love a good Masquerade Ball! Mirth and merriment filling the air! Mystery hanging as thick as an Autumn fog. The chill of a touch from the unknown creature who has asked you for a dance just before the unmasking moment. Oh, the thrill of the evening!

Over at My Artful Adventures they are having a Masquerade Ball. I was so busy with my own Halloween inventions that I very nearly missed it. Actually, I did miss getting on the link list. Maybe next year. You can always visit my Spider's Ball from last week until then.

So don't be afraid. Join in the fun of the season. Remember dress-up when you were young? What fun to still be able to leave the real world behind for a few hours and play.

Be Safe, Be Fun, and Always Be Creative!

New Halloween Design!

Just listed a new Halloween design. When I was a little girl I remember all the simple cut orange and black illustrated cards, bags, etc that filled the stores. I adore the very detailed more antique versions. I know I'm an antique myself, but not THAT antique. I remember watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" at this time of the year and loving it every time (still do).

That happy memory helped fuel my passion for Halloween and this illustration. This is offered on shirts, totes, and mugs in my Cafepress Shop.

While there, please browse my other items. Like this guy. He is a most interesting character. Hope you enjoy him.
The Halloween, Here Lies Sassy Jones image was created in Adobe Illustrator. Jack was first hand-drawn and then painted in Adobe Photoshop. Both are my creations.

Thanks for all of you who stopped by my Spider Ball "Halloween Celebration" today. I hope the fun isn't over. I met lots of new friends and kindred-spirits. I believe the 'party' has just begun.
Loved all your posts. I plan to return and soak up more of your beautiful works.

For those of you who did not participate in the Blog Hopping Party, please go to mine and check out the links in the comments section. After you've partied with the Count and Countess, of course!

Here's wishing you all the very best life has to offer! Enjoy, Be Blissful and Creative!

Welcome to The Spider's Ball!

Join us for a Celebration of Halloween. After your visit with Arabella and the others, please follow the link at the end of this Party for more Hauntingly Good Fun!

Come One! Come All! Welcome, welcome to the Annual Spider's Ball.
Everyone is here, even you! Come join us as we play the day into the night.

Arabella's been working all night to bring you all the delights of the season.
Her friends came early to help prepare Special Treats to Share

The passages are dark! The woods alive with fear!
Arabella's friends will lead you safely through here.

Out in the clearing you see your destination. You turn to thank your guide

but he is not there! You don't want to tarry the moon is full, so you knock at the door. But who's this?

"Come in, Come in. We've been expecting you." Your Guide through the night woods steps aside to allow you to enter the Annual Spider's Ball. What kinds of magic await? What manner of beings will you encounter? A Chill runs through you. Is is fear or delicious anticipation?

The Count appears. He welcomes you warmly. "Follow me my dear," he says in a satiny tone. You follow him slowly through the dimly lit hallways toward rooms filled with music, laughter and mirth.
This place IS magical.

As you pass the drawing room the lady of the manor is arranging fresh lilies and lighting candles. She smiles as you pass and softly says, "Welcome to our Ball. We've been expecting you."

As you turn to continue you notice the Count is gone. You hear a piano being played somewhere in the distance so you decide to seek it out.

Again you encounter your Guide! Or is it? Could it be a trick of the imagination? The music is lilting and hypnotic. You find yourself swaying back and forth. How many minutes pass you don't know. You can barely make out other shadowy figures enjoying the Guide's deft playing. You shake off the spell of his music and decide to explore some more.

You discover the Library just a few steps away. In a very Curious box you find a small jeweled volume. Strange symbols cover the interior of the box's lid. You can't make them out, but You are sure they are Alchemy!

You gently take the book out of its silk lined box. Trembling you open it very carefully. Should you be looking? Will you turn into a newt? What type of spells are written here?

You start to read it. It seems to speak of Relics and Alchemical Symbols. You hear something move behind you. Quickly you put the book back into its Curious Box. Safe! No one is there. Or are they? Maybe you should seek out others.

You discover the dining room. Lots of others are milling about the Banquet Table. Large cauldrons waft aromas of delicious concoctions. You spy some Faerie cakes and tea, but as you make you way toward them a Masqued Harlequin moves between you and the Delicious Desserts. Maybe you'll try again later. Onward to more fun!

The Artist's Studio is next. You begin looking at the paintings there - until a Ghostly Painter peeks around the canvas you are admiring. This is almost too much excitement for you. But you do make note that the art you liked is
available in the Village.

Other rooms offer more fun. There is bobbing for apples and a make you own candied apples stand. A Skeleton is making S'mores over a flame in the yard. You watch from the conservatory for a while before hearing someone calling you...

You follow the lyrical voice out the door to the back garden. A Gypsy has set-up her Tarot and Crystal ball. "Please come dahling, she motions. Let's see your Future."

After the Gypsy tells you of Great Things to Come, you again hear the strains of Hauntingly Beautiful music. You thank the Gypsy and give her your last Coin. She takes it and smiles. "Good follows good, my dear." You hear her say as you run to find the violinist who is making your heart break. What?! Can it be? Yes...

Your Guide is playing the violin just as beautifully as the piano. Guests are dancing in the candlelight. Soft laughter can be heard throughout the party. Soon the sun will be coming up and the Ball will be at an end.

Across the room The Countess laughs at one of the Faerie Jesters, but the Count is not amused. Some people just don't know how to have a good time. But you do. You have danced and wait YOU didn't get to eat! That Harlequin! She is always hogging the sweets. Well here you go Dearie...

And so ends our Annual Spider's Ball here. But you can partake of other Parties and Balls by going to
A Fanciful Twist" They are anxiously awaiting your arrival.

Arabella is so glad you Came to the Ball. It wouldn't have been the same without you. Please come again. We enjoy Magic and Mirth... here all the time.

Happy Halloween! Here's Wishing you Fun, Frolic and Creative Bliss Always!


Getting Ready to Party!

I've invited all my deliciously spooky friends over to Celebrate Halloween! Please join us tomorrow for the festivities. We will be starting our journey at Vanessa Valencia's fabulous blog "A Fanciful Twist" Just click on the above poster image to be taken to her world.

For today I offer these spooky videos.

Tom Fun Orchestra-Bottom of the River from trunk animation on Vimeo.

Have a great day all you wonderful creatures!
Be Fun! Be Creative!


October and Halloween!

Arranging the lilies

My favorite time of year is here! Lovely, lovely October. Who is not fascinated by the flaming colors of the season? Who does not occasionally enjoy playing dress-up? Throughout the years there have been many costumes, many parties, many magical events. Good times.

I've just been reading one of my favorite blogs. Through my Google Reader I have been enjoying A Fanciful Twist. I find that every time I read it I identify more and more with the author. Her magical style is captivating. We have a lot of the same sensibilities about magic, art, love of romance, etc.

She loves Gypsy Wagons...So do I! I drew this as a concept for my artist hideaway a few years ago. She really likes the movie "Practical Magic"...Me too! I have saved the old Victoria magazine issue to occasionally lust over that gorgeous house, its kitchen, the grounds, and the magic that resides there. And we benefit from a bit of daily magic in our lives.

In previous posts I've included some of my Halloween pieces. I really should do more October art. This is always a busy time of year around my house. I chose Halloween as my wedding day! For a number of years, we have celebrated our anniversary with a Halloween Costume Ball. Over the years I have sewn, painted, built, rendered and created Halloween magic. I have loved every minute.

In the coming weeks I will share more Magick and October with you. I won't have time to do much drawing or painting. Since I began teaching full time, I don't have the luxury of creative time I once had. Funny how you piddle time away and THINK you don't have any, only to find you had more than you realized.

Mother & Sons

So I've decided to let the inspiration of all my Halloween blog friends drive me to do more. I will be participating in the Halloween Celebration on A Fanciful Twist. Hopefully, we'll be sharing great fun and magical moments on October 17th.

In the meantime...
Be Creative, Be Magical!