The Year of the Bunny!

V is for Victoria  - Illustration by Sandra VanWinkle 2011

Hubby thinks my son & daughter-in-law will be trying to find my off switch later.  While I have very limited time at the moment - I've still taken some time to sketch a few quick bunnies for Victoria.  Why bunnies?  It's the year of the Rabbit, of course!  WeeGran is a bunny baby.  I love bunnies.

"What are your plans for those?" hubby asks.
"Paintings, dolls, screen-prints, maybe a coloring book.  I dunno, we'll think of something." I say.
"They're gonna look for an off-switch on you at some point." he smiles as he walks away.

He also whispered that Victoria was going to think I'm the coolest gran ever.  Secret wish #1 - OH, I hope so.  At least for a few precious years anyway.

P.S. I was honored to be asked to help with the nursery.  When L. brought the image references over for my thoughts, I nearly fell over.  They were Arthur Rackham illustrations.  My very favorite children's book illustrator from the early twentieth century.  He was part of the Golden Age of Book Illustrators.  The VICTORIA-N Age. 

Be Creative!!