From Artists I Admire: Which Student are You?

Check out this post by Chuck Dillon. I love these. I teach high school graphic design and I recognize these students. When I was in art school I was a mixture of several of these. For those of you who know me, which ones do you think best describe me? Hope you enjoy these. Thanks Chuck for all the fun.
blog 30 x 30: Which Student are You?

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Wanda J. Whitener said...

This is a wonderful Blog! I have always been an artist at heart, but my Mother wanted me to be a musician. My art medium is water color.
I am considering taking 2 courses trough Ashworth College: Writing Children's Books & Graphics Design.
I taught Kindergarden for 2 years prior to the 27 years that I have put in TV Production as a Graphics Operator.
I have written 3 children's books, but they are unpublished.
I would love to talk with you when you get a moment.
Thank you,
Wanda J. Whitener