Thoughts on Self-Promotion

...or more accurately "Thoughts on What I Don't Do Well".

I've been busy updating all my varied social media applications.

I've given a lot of thought to dropping this blog and placing my efforts into only sharing my work on G+, LinkedIn, Behance, Tumblr, and of course, Twitter.  But...

This blog was the first step I took into sharing my art and illustration. It has lost its focus.  It rambles.  For those who know me personally, well, that's me.  I love a challenge.  I like to try a variety of methods and spend a lot of time learning new skills or techniques.  Isn't that what it's all about?  "Life-long learning", I chant to my students.  So in some ways, it does share the journey of my processes and progress.

My work is like a Carol King song. Only I could sing - "My work has been a tapestry of rich and varied hues". 

I have the darnedest time promoting myself and focusing on what I do best. Saying "HEY! Look at me over here!  I can do X, Y, AND Z!, is not my thing.   I also have a tendency to shrug off any praise that client's or viewers share.  I really should be getting them to write it down.  

So here goes -  these are the other places you can find my work.  I've added buttons on the right.  I'm trying to get them all pulled together nice and neat.  Organized.  The problem for a lot of artists isn't that we don't have work; it's that we don't have time to do the actual work, prep the files for online, organize folders for each category, and then build the online portfolios, etc.  I'm working on a Tumblr also.  More on that later.

Finding me online:



@sandravanwinkle on Twitter

And I've also been designing fabrics (mostly for my own personal collections) over on Spoonflower.

Please check out my other sites and work references.  I'll continue to use this blog as a way to discuss art and design.  I will most likely move my education blogging to another blog.  It becomes difficult to keep all my projects and output organized within one blog.  I'll post that here when I get it all pulled together, hopefully, soon.  After school starts back, I'll be very busy.

Oh!  I MUST add, we are having a BIG wedding here in the Autumn.  My handsome baby boy - yeah, he hates me calling him that - and his very lovely fiancee - are tying the knot.  I'm thrilled.  Yeah.  It's busy around here these days.  I wouldn't want it any other way.
The Happy Couple
Photo by Jason Hensley
Can I just say - I LOVE these photographs by Jason Hensley.  He's amazing.  Check him out through the link above and on the photo.