Artists That I Admire: James Gurney

If you remember "Dinotopia" you know James Gurney's work. I've long admired his wonderfully rich paintings and illustrations. His great attention to detail and the formal elements of art are the magic that keeps us entranced.

He has been posting, on his blog Gurney's Journey , the process he uses as he works up a poster for the Utopiales Festival in Nantes, France. The links will take you to his blog site or check out my Reader shared items under the Cool Stuff banner on the right. If you haven't discovered him before, I hope you'll take the time to do so now.

BTW - If you have read National Geographic in the last few years, you have most likely seen Mr. Gurney's talented illustrations. Go ahead, read his blog. You're going to love it. Please come back here though. I may not be as talented or as prolific, but I'll keep trying.

Be Creative!

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