Playing Dress-Up for a Whimsical Mumsy

Whaddya do when you have a mom that loves theatrical props and believes everyday should be filled with wonder and magic? Go along with it.

I've been very lucky to have sons that will (usually) go along with my crazy hair-brained ideas. Since I'm an artist, I wanted to paint portraits for our stairway landing. Not the boringly staid contemporary portraits you sometimes find today. No. I wanted to do portraits that look like something from the past. Ancestral. Scottish Castle-esque. Portraits that allow one to declare"These are my ancestors" as you gracefully waft your hand in the direction of the immense and finely detailed paintings. Plenty of chiaroscuro.

So I had the boys dress up in their costumes My twins(flanking the left and right) asked me make the costumes they are wearing for a Victorian Tea they once attended. On the left we have a Dickensian coat with vest and ascot. The hat is from Party City. On the right full Scottish Clansman ...yes he is wearing a kilt. I did not sew the Indy Jones outfit my eldest son chose. He owns the hat and the bomber jacket is one we've had for a long time. I added the whip digitally. Their props are replica swords and canes they have received for various presents.

I'm still working on the paintings. When I get them finished I'll post them. For now I hope you enjoy my wonderful adventurers. Thanks guys for being good sports.

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