Wildflowers & Scotland

This morning I've been going through my blog feeds. I have several blogs that I follow and try to scan them with frequency. I recently added Gilmore House Bed and Breakfast in Scotland to my must read list.

I am a follower of all things Celtic, and although I've never been (yet), Scotland feels like home to me. And after seeing some of the photos posted on the Gilmore House blog, I understand why my ancestors settled in these mountains and valleys of East Tennessee and why I feel such an attachment to Scotland. It reminded them of home and awakens the genetic memories for me.

I don't know if Scotland has trillium within its wooded glens, but here is a sketch of one I did from our beloved Appalachians. I had one appear in my yard last year. I looked for it this year, but could not find it. I was told that they don't bloom the first year and will smell lemony when they do. I hope it comes back!


Gilmore House B&B said...

Thanks for the mention.Scotland does have trillium, I have some in my garden, they are a spring flower.

Michelle said...


I came over to say thank you for following my blog. :-)

I have no idea if we have trilliums here in Scotland, but If you're looking for Scottish flowers (or wildlife) there are loads of links here