Answers In the Most Unusual Ways

I have multiple sketchbooks. What artist doesn't? Now this does not mean that everything in an artists' sketchbook is meant to be shared with the world at large. I have hundreds of scribbly things that, thankfully, have never been shared with anyone. When I'm bored/stumped/afraid/pensive, etc; I will let my mind wander on the sketchbook page. I just draw what naturally wants to come out. I'm sure psychologists would have a field day in my sketchbooks.

Throughout the years I've returned to this idea of solitude. You have seen my previous post on 'Woman Hut'. The concept of having a quiet place to work and mull has always appealed to me. I know a lot of others who share this desire.

I'm normally a very gregarious person. Ask anyone who knows me. But there are times when you just want to be alone to create. To do what you want without anyone needing you for anything. It seems just as soon as I get in the groove of painting, drawing, inking - someone would need me for something. Phones ring, doorbells chime, voices callout and all manner of cacophony ensues causing the Muse to leave - abruptly - leaving me frustrated.

The above sketch is from one of my older sketchbooks - about 1995. At the time I was thinking about how nice it would be to have a small cottage - shell pink - that was perched on a cliff beside the sea. A place where the days were spent in happy creativity. Once a week a walk to the market to purchase needed food and art supplies. This image just came to me one day. Out of the blue. I didn't know why my brain chose this setting over others. I live in the mountains. Rolling foothills of the Appalachians. While I love trips to the beach, I am always so happy to be back in the lushness of the mountains again. And the mountains have lots of hollers for hiding out!

This morning I was checking my Google Reader, I saw this image posted by Tour Scotland Photographs I immediately thought of my little sketch of my cottage on the cliff. Even though there are multiple buildings in this one, there is something about the composition and atmosphere that made me remember my old sketch. Maybe I'll revisit this sketch and turn it into a real painting or better yet an entire story! Thanks for posting this photo. It makes me more determined to get to Scotland.

Where do our personal inspirations come from...and where will they take us if we
allow them?


Michelle said...

When I lived in Africa, and Scotland seemed as remote as the moon, I dreamt of being shipwrecked (in the days of sailing ships). I came to shore on a cold beach with sand dunes stretching in this huge arc. It was a complex dream that haunted me for years.

Then I met and married a highlander and one day he's taking me on a drive and we pass this beach and... it's the beach. Not "like the beach"... THE beach, exactly. Down to the last tuft on the last sand dune!

Dunnet Bay in Scotland.

Sometimes dreams come true in ways you least expect. ;-)

ps.. I love your artwork. Will be back to browse properly when I have more time.

Michelle said...

A Scottish blogger friend of mine is now selling his photos. He takes gorgeous pics and... he needs the money! So, if you could pass this link on I'd be grateful. :-)