Photo Friday: Carter Mill and Photo-Illustration

I've been a bit under the weather the last couple of days. Nothing too bad, just ate something that did not agree with me, I must remember to check the product dates in the fridge more often. I thought I would share some photos. Since I've been chained to Photoshop today for a client, I thought I may as well do some fun stuff too.

I took these photos at various times. The Carter Mill photos were taken early one Spring. Apple trees were just blooming, the watercress was already filling the pond around the mill-wheel and it was lovely to walk around the trail. The trail winds up past the mill pond to a higher pond and then onto the springs and creeks that feed the old mill.

The top photo is a photo-illustration that I did of the mill wheel and my front yard. Wouldn't it be lovely to have all that sparkling singing water just a few feet away? I do have very verdant moss in my yard. We have had enough rain to assure its growth. I will try to remember to take photos tomorrow for sharing next week.

Enjoy your weekends whatever they may bring! Happy Father's Day weekend to you dads wherever you live. Enjoy, create, and seek the beauty around you!

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Grammy said...

Dear SAndi,
Just happened onto your blog which is listed on Teresa's computer, and will add it to my list of blogs. How very interesting! You may or may not know that art is also in my blood. I have had a life-long love affair with art. I have not the talent that you possess, but the love is there. I look forward to reading and seeing more.