So I Says...

During my 'down' time I like to sketch in my sketchbook to keep my drawing skills honed. Sometimes I'll draw from a still-life, but on some days that feels too much like work. I like to 'defrag' as I call it, with nonsensical creatures, places, or objects. Words or phrases find their way into my work. If the radio or television is on a snippet of that can be seen.

Other than I have a weird and vivid imagination, I cannot tell you the why of how these two unlikely characters came to inhabit this briny-deep space. I just start doodling and let the pencil and paper tell me what it wants. This is one of yesterday's creations.

As I was drawing them the big ugly guy seemed to be telling the chicken-of-the-sea fellow a story - I wondered what they would be talking about. I thought we most likely would not want to hang around too long to find out, so just a phrase would be enough. Something that would let the viewer fill in the blanks, but could also stand alone.

The more I worked on the sketch, the more I thought...Really? So in honor of a friend of mine who I had a "Really?" conversation with not long ago, I give you "So I Says to the Captain...Really?"

Hope you enjoy. Be Creative, Be Whimsical, Be Imaginative!

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