Stories of Another Pig

More Pig sketches for other illustrations.

The little guy looking to the right near the top reminds me of the time we went with one of my brothers to pick up a pig he had bought. The most beautiful pig I've ever seen. He had green eyes and he was a fast (did I say fast?) runner. I wish I had video footage of my sons, my dad, my brother and me chasing that little porker down. He was covered entirely in red (and I mean red) Georgia clay dust. Along with the dog and everything else that Georgia farmer owned - and us when we were finished. I've never seen anything like it. If you have never seen red Georgia clay, then you cannot imagine the vibrancy of the scene. I'll never forget it. We did capture him finally. Hauled him to my brother's where he later broke out and ran away. Did I mention he was fast?

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