Ahh... the Perils of March

Fungi in my front yard

March is such a fickle month here in the south. One day she gifts us with a beautiful warm spring day only to take it away the next. This morning, when I let the dog out, it was sort of all grayish outside. There was a fairly heavy frost covering the ground and a misty fog lingering in the trees. I love misty foggy mornings (I suppose it is the Celt in me).

My garden shed is awaiting spring cleaning and new supplies. My gardens are calling. And my camera finger is itching to get out there and record all the simple and lovely things hiding in the grass, under fallen branches, tucked against the stone wall. I hope the weather holds out on one of the few days I can allot to outdoor fun. I'm jonesing for some sun and those tired, sore muscles that say "I accomplished good things today".

Enjoy your day whatever the weather!

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