The Best Contortionist in This Circus

We've all been there. Those times when you feel like you're the only one that can get things done. And as women we multi-task better and more than most of our male counterparts. We are the finders of lost toys, the keepers of the stuff, the tradition keepers, the memory keepers, the art curators.

I have a lot of these "poem/illustrations" that I used to doodle into my sketchbooks during times when I'm feeling too rushed. I could work through the "woe is me". It helped me to see that I am important and cherished on many different levels even if at the time I felt pressured, unappreciated and tightly wound.

I usually do my best work under pressure, but I can also get overwhelmed when faced with too many projects, chores, deadlines, etc. That is when I have to vent some of the pressure off by getting those feelings down into paper and pen elements. There they are contained. I am safe for a moment and can continue in the crazy whirlagig world we exist. I'm working on several projects now and am beginning to feel the need to draw out my monsters.

This is not very much different from the Chasing Out the Monster illustrations I used to do for the boys. Get them down and tell them to go away. Everything will be calm and peaceful after the banishment.

How do you handle your monsters? How do you see yourself in the dynamics of family, work, art, business? Are you also a contortionist? Send your comments below. I'll post them for everyone to enjoy.

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