Banana, Pear, Apple

Today is going to be a busy one, but I wanted to post something. Next week I will be getting back to real business. The last few days my down time has been spent in much needed organizing, purging of stuff, musings and contemplation.

This is pastel on paper. I did this one to show students (high school) how to use pastel to achieve a sense of form. It isn't much, just a quick sketch, unfinished. The students got the idea and went off to do their own works. Which turned out amazing. I love teaching art.

Take time today to create your own amazing works. Even if it is just a doodle or a gestural sketch, put it down. Enjoy the act of creating. Savor the satisfaction of accomplishment. Get lost in the process. Magic happens while you are there. Allow it.

Wishing you Magic!


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