I just had to share these wonderful photographs from my eldest son's wedding. The photographer, John Valentine, is a professional photographer in K-Town. He is also a good friend. I cannot thank him enough for helping a mother of three grown sons look better than real life! I will share photos of the lovely bride as soon as I get her permission.
Please note: I have altered the quality from the originals so they don't take up too much space. The originals are marvelous. Crisp and clear. If you need a photographer and you are from this area, John is your man.
I'm currently working on several projects that will show up here soon. I'm also still working on imagery for my Cafepress shop. It has been a busy winter, which is good for me, but not so good for blogging. And most of my client work I cannot post. So hang with me, we'll get more new stuff up soon.

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Kristi B. said...

It looks like three guys and their SISTER, for Pete's sake. How gorgeous do you look? When was the big day?

We miss seeing you every week and can't wait for class to start back. Don't be a stranger...