Pigg Politics

I was going through some of my older sketch books the other day and came across several pages of pig sketches. I had a commission for a "pig painting" and did a lot of research on pigs. During this time my sons were young. They were also unorganized. Very unorganized at times.

I'm partially to blame. I allowed them to be very creative. I let them leave giant wooden block towers until their vision was complete. Later we had amazing Lego creations. We walked around them in the den until they were rearranged and reconfigured to the satisfaction of the inventor. I believed the power of creation outweighed the desire to be always tidy.

However, there were limits. I can abide creative mess. How could I tell them they could not exercise this right when I was doing the same thing? But I cannot stand dirty mess. Dirty clothes, food in the bed rooms, etc. So I created this series of drawings based on pigs. Yes, yes...I know...pigs are not naturally dirty or filthy creatures. No, I never made these into posters or cards for the boys. They were stress relievers for me. I could get all my frustrations out by focusing my attention on drawing these characters before I went in to oversee my sons room cleaning.

In light of the present political circus...umm...campaigning I thought I would give you Philth D. Pigg. We know what he stands for. We know how he will make good on his promises. And we know he is the poster child for chaos everywhere. Enjoy. Go Pigg. A pig of the people, for the people...

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