Nature's Beauty

I snapped this image last summer. Somehow this beautiful creature found its way into my kitchen. If anyone knows what this insect is, please leave me a comment.

I thought the colors were gorgeous and looked like something Rennie Mackintosh or Frank Lloyd Wright would appreciate. Art is all around us. Most days we just need to open our eyes to this wonder.

By the way, I carefully carried my little friend outside so he/she could continue its intended life.

Here's wishing all of you a safe and peaceful day!


Linda said...

Beautiful... looks like a lightening bug, sometimes their wings have orange splotches. Also like the rest of your artwook. If ever I need an illusrtator, I know where to come. (Hey, you do book cover design?). Peace...

Marsha said...

How unique! She looks as if she stumbled into a paint exibit and became the art.