New Work for January

I just uploaded a new image to my CafePress store (Links: Van Winkle's Art). I have entitled it "I Have Loved Here". The work incorporates paintings and poetry from my altered books series, a couple of photographs from my archives and some of my illustrations.

The title comes from a line of poetry in my altered book, "Community". In the poem I'm reflecting on my neighborhood, my community and my place in it. I have juxtaposed this snippet of poetry with the other elements creating a darker, more mysterious landscape.

It is place where anything is possible. Where love can be found, life can be imbued with magic, and not everything is always as it seems. Love is there, fraught with mystery and maybe a bit of trepidation, but it finds you and wraps you in its amber warmth. The trepidation washes away, the symbolism becomes clear; the shadows (once ominous) are now comforting and offer protection from the outside world.

I have several more pieces currently in various stages of completion including some paintings. Please check back often for updates.

I hope you have found your way into a wonderfully mysterious world. And I hope you experience love's magic. Enjoy!

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Kristi B. said...

I thought I would return the favor and leave a little comment for you here. Why are we so excited to get that little note in our in-box saying we have comments?

It goes without saying the work on your site is just unbelievable. Oh, to have that talent!

And thanks for all your kind words on my blog. It isn't much, but it's us and our crazy life! And now you get to be added to the list of casualties! :)

I'm gonna check in here every now and again and leave you a note just so you know I'm visiting! Take care!