Knitting, New Year's Eve, & Doctor Who

I've been relaxing over our holiday break by knitting.  I can't really be still for very long unless I have something to do. The maroon hat at the top of the photo is from a pattern on Lion Brand Yarns site.  It's called Herdwick Dell.  It has a matching scarf pattern that I will make later.

The dark charcoal gray cowl is an Irish Fisherman pattern, also from Lion Brand.  I love cowls.  They don't slip off like a scarf can and they are really gaining popularity again.  I started this one for one of my sons.  He knits too, but does not (yet) attempt cables or intricate stitches. I will  take more photos to show the lovely stitches in this pattern when it's completed.  After about the 30th row you start to really get the rhythm of a pattern.  I'm obsessive once I get going on a pattern like this.  If not, I'll totally forget where I left off - even if I mark the pattern.  It takes me some time to get back into it once I've let it lay too long.

The light gray piece is a hat for Hubby.  I just did a K2P2 ribbing for about 4 inches, increased a couple of st on each end and began working a moss stitch for the crown.  I'll use one of the other hat patterns for the shaping - keeping in my pattern.  I hope to finish it and the cowl before we return to school next week.

As I knit I like to watch (actually listen is more accurate) movies or favorite TV shows.  For these projects I've been watching Doctor WhoNew ones and old ones.  Love me some Netflix!  Since watching so much of the Doctor whilst knitting maybe I should be knitting a fez!

Usually drawing and illustrating are my favorite downtime pleasures.  Just doodling around in my sketchbooks - creating wild creatures and people is great to keep me fresh and to relax. But after teaching illustration and design every day, I need a break now and then.  However,  Hubby bought me two new books to feed my painting/illustration needs:  James Gurney's "Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter" and "Imaginative Realism".  Both of these books are great resources for any artist.  I highly recommend them for artists of all media.  Follow James' blog for daily inspiration.

Have a great New Year!  Be Safe.  Be Happy.  Be Creative!

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Rusha said...

Love all these hats! Knitting is a more social hobby for me . . . I can actually talk to someone while knitting or watch TV! Best wishes for clacking those needles even more during the new year!