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I was sworn to secrecy for a bit, but now I must let you know I will be a Gran-Mumsy this summer. Yes. My oldest son and lovely wife; my sweet daughter-in-law will be welcoming what I'm calling the WeeGran. They are ecstatic and hubby teases me about my moments of maniacal grinning and baby clothes ooo-ing and aahhh-ing.

I took a trip to the attic to dig out the toys and other artifacts from my son's early life. I sat among the little stuffed animals, which I had lovingly packed away for just this event, and thought of all the beautiful moments I had enjoyed with my sons. I'm such a sentimental romantic. I envision lots of fun playing in this attic with WeeGran. We'll build puppet theatres and play dress-up. We'll invent impossible machines just like his/her Daddy did when he was just a wee-lad. Oh the places we'll go and the things we will conjure. It will be magical.

Everything I see I want to buy or make for Wee-gran. I have begun to collect knitting patterns for unisex items. I've also started to think of really cool toys to make so WeeGran can have their own unique playthings. And I really want to help decorate the nursery. I used to paint murals for others children. I would create magical spaces for those little ones to live in. I used to paint my sons rooms too. But they got tired and...well...somewhat embarrassed by rooms filled with characters. But now I have another opportunity to create a fantasy space just for WeeGran.

Oh, and the penguin daddy-to-be I created for my son. He once painted a penguin that was so beautiful and won an award. Over the years whenever I see penguins I think of that painting. He also happens to like penguins, which is lucky for me, since I can't pass one by without "collecting" it for him. I know he will most likely grow tired of them long before I do. I just thought it would be a wonderful image to announce WeeGran. All we can say!

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Faith said...

Yea! New adventures and fun to come with the WeeGran. Hugs