Shining & Wishcasting

Wynken, Blynken & Nod, Watercolor/Pen&Ink by Sandra VanWinkle 1995

I love my reader lists. During the week I don't get much of a chance to keep up, so on weekends I make up for lost time. I just discovered through The Wright Stuff blog that another blogger was asking the question "How Do You Want to Shine?"

Well, that gives us something to think about doesn't it? In my previous post today I mentioned a few of the careers or avocations that I would like to have or do. But shining. That's something else.

Wishcasting. I've been sitting here reading and wishing I had taken a few more plunges, leapt over a few taller buildings or just ignored the wicked little voice inside my head that kept saying "Art isn't a real career. If you love it this much, it can't be work. You have to make a living, get over it."

How do I want to Shine? I want to be truer to myself as an artist. I want to shine in the field I've always longed to be part of. I want to create works that are interesting. I want to create works that start dialogues and stir emotions- good or bad - within viewers. I want to get up every morning and shine at focusing my art and my life in directions that I want to go. Not directions I have to go.

I wouldn't change a moment of my life to this point, but now I want to take what I've learned, what I've experienced and allow myself the luxury of creating art. I want to shine as an artist who is true to all her selves - woman, mother, teacher, artist, without one sacrificed for the other. I want to shine at "casting my net and be never afraid".

The old moon laughed and sang a song,
As they rocked in the wooden shoe;
And the wind that sped them all night long
Ruffled the waves of dew;
The little stars were the herring-fish
That lived in the beautiful sea.
"Now cast your nets wherever you wish,--
Never afraid are we!"
So cried the stars to the fishermen three,
And Nod.
-excerpted from
"Wynken, Blynken, & Nod by Eugene Field (1889)


Maggi said...

I'm with you! This is such an inspirational post! And such a beautiful piece at the top of the post!

Sandra Van Winkle said...

Thank you, Maggi. That means a lot to me coming from someone as creative as you.

Rusha said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, but you're already shining. Ask any student who has your course what their favorite course is...and they'll answer that it's the one you're teaching! You are shining by casting your light on others who, through the light, will "see" where they need to go. Thanks for sharing that picture on the Web for all of us to see. It's definitely "enlightening"!

Sandra Van Winkle said...

Thank you, Rusha. I do get energy from my students and teaching. You are a jewel. Thanks for being there and supporting we teachers when we need it most.

Jamie Ridler said...

As Sandra wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

Welcome to Wishcasting! It's a joy to have you on the journey, fearlessly casting your net!