October and Halloween!

Arranging the lilies

My favorite time of year is here! Lovely, lovely October. Who is not fascinated by the flaming colors of the season? Who does not occasionally enjoy playing dress-up? Throughout the years there have been many costumes, many parties, many magical events. Good times.

I've just been reading one of my favorite blogs. Through my Google Reader I have been enjoying A Fanciful Twist. I find that every time I read it I identify more and more with the author. Her magical style is captivating. We have a lot of the same sensibilities about magic, art, love of romance, etc.

She loves Gypsy Wagons...So do I! I drew this as a concept for my artist hideaway a few years ago. She really likes the movie "Practical Magic"...Me too! I have saved the old Victoria magazine issue to occasionally lust over that gorgeous house, its kitchen, the grounds, and the magic that resides there. And we benefit from a bit of daily magic in our lives.

In previous posts I've included some of my Halloween pieces. I really should do more October art. This is always a busy time of year around my house. I chose Halloween as my wedding day! For a number of years, we have celebrated our anniversary with a Halloween Costume Ball. Over the years I have sewn, painted, built, rendered and created Halloween magic. I have loved every minute.

In the coming weeks I will share more Magick and October with you. I won't have time to do much drawing or painting. Since I began teaching full time, I don't have the luxury of creative time I once had. Funny how you piddle time away and THINK you don't have any, only to find you had more than you realized.

Mother & Sons

So I've decided to let the inspiration of all my Halloween blog friends drive me to do more. I will be participating in the Halloween Celebration on A Fanciful Twist. Hopefully, we'll be sharing great fun and magical moments on October 17th.

In the meantime...
Be Creative, Be Magical!

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