New Halloween Design!

Just listed a new Halloween design. When I was a little girl I remember all the simple cut orange and black illustrated cards, bags, etc that filled the stores. I adore the very detailed more antique versions. I know I'm an antique myself, but not THAT antique. I remember watching "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" at this time of the year and loving it every time (still do).

That happy memory helped fuel my passion for Halloween and this illustration. This is offered on shirts, totes, and mugs in my Cafepress Shop.

While there, please browse my other items. Like this guy. He is a most interesting character. Hope you enjoy him.
The Halloween, Here Lies Sassy Jones image was created in Adobe Illustrator. Jack was first hand-drawn and then painted in Adobe Photoshop. Both are my creations.

Thanks for all of you who stopped by my Spider Ball "Halloween Celebration" today. I hope the fun isn't over. I met lots of new friends and kindred-spirits. I believe the 'party' has just begun.
Loved all your posts. I plan to return and soak up more of your beautiful works.

For those of you who did not participate in the Blog Hopping Party, please go to mine and check out the links in the comments section. After you've partied with the Count and Countess, of course!

Here's wishing you all the very best life has to offer! Enjoy, Be Blissful and Creative!


Kelli Bear Haven said...

Your pumpkin illustration is so funny and so cute. Keep up the good work and think Halloween thoughts.

Happy Halloween!!

Torie Jayne said...

Hi Love your cut work art, Happy Halloween to you!

Rusha said...

Love that bright, bold Halloween design! Will check out cafepress! Thanks for sharing!

laterg8r said...

great cut work - funny poster - thanks for stopping by my blog :D

Stella Dora von Swineburg said...

Hee! he!heee! Love the pumpkin who had the candy scared out of him! HEE! he! he!

Michelle said...

I love the pumpkin! :-)

I can't remember... do you know about Blogblast for Peace day? It's Nov 5th and last year we had hundreds of bloggers participating. I hope you'll be joining us and adding your name to the list. :-) I'd love to see what artwork you'd create for your Peace Globe. ;-)