Friends and Followers Lend Me Your Eyes!

Ahh- the exhilaration of having an entire week stretched out in front of you. Don't get me wrong, I have plenty to do. Chores I've put off too long, books begging to be read, paintings I've promised for months to finish (start in some cases), drawings in my head that claw desperately to get out, fingerless gloves (I have tried, started, ripped-out and knitted, crocheted, and cast aside a dozen patterns and ideas)to be made, recipes to try.

Sigh. The kitchen needs painting, the recycling needs attention before it takes over the basement completely, and we won't even discuss the gardens. I have several lovely bolts of drapery silks screaming to be made into very dreamy draperies, but here I sit, hungrily catching up on all the blogs, websites, reading rooms, twittering, etc that I've ignored for the last 8 months.

So how've y'all been? What new ideas, technologies or dreams have you been chasing? What keeps you sane? What makes you deliciously insane?

Insanity CAN be delicious, yes? Those moments of peaceful internalization where you finish every chore, paint every masterpiece, design every wonderful object to perfection. You understand I'm not talking about true psychosis here, just a little fantasy to get you through the long winter days.

I have discovered Following! Late, yes, better than never though. I have begun my reader's list of blogs that I follow more or less with consistency. I've also added a Following widget to my blog. Please become a follower. I would love to know my blog occasionally gives you some enjoyment (boredom, peace, humor, out-and-out laughter at my horrible attempts at blogging... did I say that aloud?)

Read on my lovely friends.

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