Another Day, Another Task

Okay, so I got up early intending to get ALOT of stuff accomplished around the homestead. Not so. I've spent most of the morning and now part of the afternoon playing around on facebook. Yep. I've taken the plunge. Not that it was a hard dive.

I have mostly avoided it because of an already full schedule. I mean, it will seriously eat into my gaming I mean my work time. Today has been fun.

I'm still exploring the interface. I will eventually add my some of my artwork and get it all up and running properly (if such a state exists). Until then - I must get some paperwork finished for school and tackle a couple of boring chores around here.

And then...there are mutants/zombies/ghouls to fight. So when you awaken to a ghoul-free land, you'll know it twas I (and a few of my friends-you know who you are)ridding the world of nasty creatures one game at a time.

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