New Career Move!

I've been challenged with re-designing the Fulton Falcon look. Fulton has changed to the Academy format, so a new look would help. This is just one idea. This will most likely become a class project. Any Fulton grads are welcome to offer ideas.

Egads! It has been way too long since my last post. But the good news is it has all been for a good reason. I am now a teacher at my old alma mater, Fulton High School. I will be teaching Graphic Design. I am very excited about this new venture. I have always loved teaching and love what I do as an artist, so why not both? Although lately I've been too busy to be very creative and am starting to feel the itch to get something new started.

Summer is a bad time for me to try to get very many indoor projects accomplished or to focus on much more than just working in the yard, gardening and basic chores. I seem to overextend on a regular basis and should never attempt anything else this time of year.

Autumn is my season. I seem to come alive as the leaves begin to change. I love the call of the cicadas. I love the change in the air. The bright blueness of the sky. I have a murder of crows living in a tall pine in my front yard and they caw more in it!

I even love going back to school! Which this year I will be walking the halls of my former high school and striving to make a difference. I hope my students will be as excited about art, design, illustration and all that goes with those disciplines as I am.

So bear with me while I get my footing in my newest challenge. This will be the only post about my teaching position. I will (at some point) have a teacher web page on the official school site. So I won't be posting anything concerned with the school except there.

Yay! Go Falcons!

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Anonymous said...

So did you create that in Photoshop, Indesign or Illustrator? No, wait couldn't be illustrator we haven't had that class yet!!

So how is teaching?! Still want to sit in one of your classes.

Hope to see ya soon, miss our school!

Susan Long