Paintings for "Mame" production

Paintings by Sandra Van Winkle for "Mame" in various degrees of completion.

I created the above paintings for a local production of "Mame" a few years ago. These paintings are 5'x3' and 3.5'x3'. These were part of the set for the production. During each phase of Mame's life a different painting would fly in to highlight her lifestyle changes. The paintings were painted in the styles of Raphael, Gustave Klimt, John Singer-Sargent and Picasso.

I painted these four "portraits of Mame" in three days. And as you can see all the portraits were painted using donated interior flat wall paints. I mixed all the colors from what was available. Thank goodness we had a great amount of dark wall paint as well as pastels.

In addition to the portraits were all the set flats and related items. The set designer built a baby grand piano that was sturdy enough for "Mame" to dance on. I painted the piano and the keys to look like they had been lovingly played for years. I even painted a gold name above the key board. I combined the set designer's and the lighting designer's last names.

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