This Blog Thing

I've got to tell you. I'm a bit nervous about this whole blog thing. I have a friend who lives several hundred miles away. He's a photog and we've known each other-well let's just say a few years. He happened to be in town the other day and said "I've been looking for your stuff online. I Googled you. I can't find anything under your name."

Yeah. That's true. All the projects I've done have obviously been under the radar. Or maybe not good enough to wind up on Google. Thank goodness nothing I've done (as of this moment anyway) has found its way to YouTube. But with all the drawings, paintings, installations, musings and ramblings I've been known to yap on about you would think one would have made Google. I was a little undone by the "I Googled you".

I'm up with the Googling. I do it a lot. I love it. I just never thought of someone 'Googling' my name. So I started thinking about how many others may have done the same thing and given up because they couldn't find anything on Google about me. Not that I'm famous. Not even in the vicinity. Not even on the block with famous. But with all the directions my art has taken me you would think someone would find something.

So I decided it was a nice time for a blog of my own. I had big plans to have an escape space of my own by this time in my life. An actual physical building to get in touch with the muses, paint, write and occasionally nap. I've called it Woman Hut for so long that it will forever be known as that even if I name it something else after it is built. But, I haven't had time to get Woman Hut built; so, for now, this blog will have to do as my place to escape. Prepare for occasional napping.

I don't plan to do daily tricks here. There may be some, but I don't plan to do them. I don't promise, to myself or anyone else, to wax poetic, be profound or do anything that will change the world. I will just play. I will sometimes be funny when I'm not trying, I will be sassy and I will most definitely be a smart-aleck. I hold that doctorate degree. Only aleck is not the word my husband uses when referring to my wit.

I will post images from my work. Photos, paintings, illustrations, pen & ink, etc. Snippets from whatever suits my fancy at the moment. I will not promise those will always be stellar either.

My friend thought my reluctance to post my work online was due to not wanting criticism. Nope. I went and got a college education. They give a whole new meaning to criticism. I think the entire curriculum was just a toughening process. "Paint it this way...haha you paint it this way...wha' you listened to me?, now why would you do that?" It all worked out somehow. No, just chalk it up to being a late bloomer. Why rush?

I'm nervous because I may not have anything to add to the already swelling masses of Bloggers out there. Oh- I have read you. I have read some really, really good blogs. I've also been witness to some very banal dreck. So I suppose as long as I find ground somewhere in the middle I won't be drummed out. And as soon as I figure out all the tags and other cool stuff to help me get found; I will no longer fly under the Google radar.

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