Stream-of-Consciousness Saturday

Snicker-doodles and  Doctor Who Tardis cookie jar

Welcome to my first Stream-of-consciousness-Saturday post.  You know.  It's that bit of research for a project you have swirling in your mind.  That special pattern.  Those inspiring artists or art works to get your creative juices flowing. Or recipe searches - to use what you have available and because you are just so tired of the same old thing - again - which lead you to so many great recipes that you completely miss dinner. Intending to help you, a stream like this just keeps you in front of your computer until your Saturday is gone.

It's that kind of stream.  Blog-hopping at it's best.  Webby deliciousness that keeps you leaping from one link to another.  My newest assistant to blog-hopping  is Pinterest.  Oh yes.  Pinterest.  It is such an enabler of we procrastinating sorts.  But what a beautiful enabler it is!

So for all you Searchers out there -

Me - Always Searching for Something New!

 Stream-of-Consciousness-Saturday list:

1. Listening to Pandora  I have a station I call "Gracie Radio"  after the Ben Folds Five song.  Here's a YouTube version for you visual types.

2. Pinterest   Deleted account due to user policies.

3. Thought I would make this for dinner, but I suppose it will now be on tomorrow's menu. 

4. I have everything to make these

5. Explored several links from Shutterbean's blog.  Got my idea for a Saturday list from her Love List Friday posts.

6. 50 things to stop doing.  It's been one of those weeks that make you feel tired of everything.  It's one of those weeks that make you want to redefine your life.  Why do co-workers and bosses affect us so much?  Making mental note to create something positive to counteract times like these.

7.  Several ventures into the world of commerce.  Intriguing items that one covets, but feels like they just might NEED them.
  • Cuppow  Being an artist and jar saver, I found this interesting.  Too bad I own several BPA free drinking vessels or this would be mine. 
  • Haan Steam Mop.  I've been thinking about one of these since WeeGran will be wanting to crawl around here soon.
  • Because I'm a Geek!
  • Looking for cool Who stuff   (As you can see from photo above, I already own the Tardis Cookie jar)
  • Checking out the Rody Horse for WeeGran
  • And of course - Amazon.
8.  Crafty blogs from my Google Reader -
  • Elise Blaha
  • Neatorama
  • DaniDraws  Which reminds me of comics I've done in the past about my life.  I will post those after I dig them out and scan.

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