Sketchbook: Victoria's Paintings

Sketch: Goldilocks & the Three Bears - Sandi VanWinkle
 Goldi confronts the Bears, explaining her views on the comfortable bed
Sketch: Three Little Pigs - Sandi VanWinkle
 The Pigs begin their gathering and building in an effort to fend off the Big Bad Wolf
Sketch: Red Riding Hood - Sandi VanWinkle
 Red timidly begins her trek through the dark woods in order to deliver tasty goods to Granny
Sketch: Goldilocks & Bears - Sandi VanWinkle
 Closer view of Goldi, Mama, and Baby (angry baby)
Three Billy Goats Gruff Sketch - Sandi VanWinkle
Ogre yelling at Billy on the bridge.  One of my favorites as a child

Yesterday I finally had the time to sit and sketch.  It feels so good to be back at the drawing board.  These are a few of the concepts for paintings for my granddaughter's room.  As I worked, I found that I wanted to paint them all.  There is not enough wall space to do this, so, I think I will do a book for her with all the characters from Grimm to Celtic Faeries.  

On my easel right now is my version of Puss in Boots, which I will share with you later.  I don't have a good photo yet and it's too big to scan.  Most of the tales above will be on 12"x12" canvases.  I worked on two pencil versions of Red last night.  I have now decided to paint her on an 18"x24" canvas with the forest looming and darkly creepy all around her.  Maybe the silhouette of a wolf hidden amongst the understory of the forest.  If I can channel the detail and atmospheric quality of a Daniel Ridgway Knight painting and the delicious darkness of Arthur Rackham's watercolors, I may be able to pull off what I'm attempting. 

Cutting Roses - Daniel Ridgway Knight

Red Riding Hood - Arthur Rackham
More later as I progress through these works.  I'm also working on a comic book with a teaching colleague for release late summer.  I'll share bits of that project later also. 

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Barbara said...

I hear you are a Grandmother,how wonderful.Been one for over 31yrs.My oldest is31,my youngest is 10.Anyway enjoy it,it is great.