The Design Cubicle

Hop over to Brian Hoff's The Design Cubicle and check out my drawing listed among some fabulous company. Brian is a dedicated and well respected designer with a great blog and site covering all aspects of design. I follow Brian on Twitter and facebook to glean as many of his good ideas, to pass along to my high school design students, as possible.

Now I'll have to get all my logo designs and other client work out of the mothballs and show them here. I usually show more illustration than true design. I figure there are way better sites (like Brian's) to show you great design. I love design. I love typography. But I really love mixing it up with illustration and photography my first true loves. And while you don't have to be an artist to be good designer, it helps if you have a good handle on formal art principles as well as the principles and elements of design.

Have fun, be creative!

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Grammy said...

Man! I checked it out....All are quite talented,but some are weird, some are macabre, and some are lovely.I liked yours, by the way. I also liked the giraffe, the partial girl's face, the horse, and a few of the others.
Love you,