The school year is in full swing now. Time is moving at a very fast clip. I always think I'm going to be ahead. Silly of

Here is a link to the main website at my school. We are rockin' it this year. Please take time to view the video. This is a wonderful piece done by HPVideo along with our own multi-media instructors- including myself (that's me teaching graphic design). We are very proud of our accomplishments and our school.

We are so lucky to have wonderful students who are coming to school eager to learn. Engaging, excited teachers who love teaching and who are collaborating wildly through technology, in hallway moments and during development meetings. And we wouldn't be where we are without our
amazing administrative staff. I don't know if they know it, but we faculty love them.

At some point I will create another blog to separate all the facets of my world. I wish for this blog's focus to remain as a place to post my new works, but since my new works are currently students, my art must take a back-seat occasionally. That time thing - just not enough hours in each day. I love my life! How can anyone be bored?

Enjoy. Have a great weekend and remember to hug a teacher soon. The hours are long, but the rewards are forever.


Rusha said...

Thanks so much for sharing your love of students and education in general. It's teachers, of course, who make education what it is today! And you are one of the best not only because you care but also because you share your talents and inspire others! So glad you are a teacher!

Sandi Van Winkle said...

Thank you Rusha. Without inspirational leaders like you we would be lost.