Another Masquerade Ball!

How I love a good Masquerade Ball! Mirth and merriment filling the air! Mystery hanging as thick as an Autumn fog. The chill of a touch from the unknown creature who has asked you for a dance just before the unmasking moment. Oh, the thrill of the evening!

Over at My Artful Adventures they are having a Masquerade Ball. I was so busy with my own Halloween inventions that I very nearly missed it. Actually, I did miss getting on the link list. Maybe next year. You can always visit my Spider's Ball from last week until then.

So don't be afraid. Join in the fun of the season. Remember dress-up when you were young? What fun to still be able to leave the real world behind for a few hours and play.

Be Safe, Be Fun, and Always Be Creative!

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Suzy said...

Lovely party, now I am off to see your Spider's Ball! Happy Haunting~!